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Why choose North West Physiotherapy Keperra?

Extensive Experience

Our physios have over 20 years of combined experience.

Hands-on Treatment

30 minute appointments with a focus on hands-on treatment.

Health Fund Claiming on the Spot

HICAPS for easy on-the-spot claims. You only pay the gap.

Relaxed, Friendly Atmosphere

Our goal is to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Easy Access

Plenty of parking and wheelchair accessibility. No stairs or long walks.

Convenient Location

Close to Woolworths, Aldi, BCF and many other great shopping options.

Book online or call us on 3198 4444 to make an appointment or to find out more about any of our services


Sports Injury Treatment at North West Physiotherapy Keperra

Acute Injuries

Whether it’s a sporting injury, a gardening injury or an “I woke up in pain” injury, at North West Physiotherapy Keperra we have the experience and the tools to accurately diagnose and treat the issue. We also work closely with radiologists, doctors and specialists to enable quick and easy referrals if needed. You can be sure that when you’re in pain, the team at North West Physiotherapy Keperra will have you back to 100% as quickly as possible.

Post Op Rehab

Post Op Rehab

Total knee replacements, ACL reconstructions, shoulder stabilisations, vertebral fusions, achilles tendon repair, total hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs… You name it, we’ve rehabilitated it. We have years of experience helping patients recover from surgery and ensuring they return to full function as fast as possible. We also have a wide range of products and other services, so at North West Physiotherapy Keperra we have everything you need for a speedy recovery.



Performing rehabilitation exercises in water heated to 32 degrees provides the added benefits of decreased weight bearing, increased joint support and warming of muscles and ligaments, making it a great option for conditions such as knee and hip osteoarthritis, chronic back pain and frozen shoulder as well as an ideal place to begin rehabilitating after surgery.



Western acupuncture incorporates both traditional acupuncture points and dry needling of trigger points to complement your Physiotherapy treatment. It is effective for treating muscle tightness and can help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as low back pain, arthritis and cervicogenic headaches.



Massage is a great way to relieve general stress and tension, as well as release any specific areas of muscle tightness that may be causing discomfort. Our massage therapist is currently available on Fridays for 1 hour or 30 minute appointments.



Pilates is a great, low impact way to build and maintain the strength of your core. This is great for people with low back pain, hip pain, poor posture, neck pain and headaches. We offer equipment circuit classes with a maximum of 3-4 people so each exercise can be tailored specifically to your level of strength and fitness.

About Us

North West Physio Keperra ReceptionNorth West Physiotherapy Keperra was opened in 2015 as an extension of the award winning Everton Park clinic. We believe your visit to the physio should be comfortable and enjoyable, and you will notice the difference in the North West Physio Keperra experience as soon as you walk through the door. You will be greeted with a smile and if you’re early for your appointment, you can enjoy a selection of the latest magazines, a show on Netflix or just relax in the air-conditioning listening to one of our digital radio stations.

Our treatment rooms at North West Physio KeperraYour appointment will run on time, every time and during your appointment we will throroughly explain the diagnosis of your condition and form a detailed treatment plan with your goals in mind. You will receive expert, hands-on treatment as well as any combination of the services above depending on the requirements of your condition. Our goal is to empower you to with the knowledge and strategies you need to get back to full health as fast as possible. We believe it is because of this philosophy that we have such great results and we so many people recommend us to their friends and family.

Our Team

Tim West
Tim is our principal Physiotherapist and has over 6 years of clinical experience dealing with everything from acute sporting injuries to chronic back and neck pain. He has worked with various high level sporting teams including the Aspley Hornets and the Mitchelton Football club. He is also a qualified Western acupuncture/dry needling practitioner and a trained Bounce Back instructor. Bounce Back is a revolutionary class or one-on-one training program to improve spinal strength and stability.

Karlie Valentine
Karlie has over 16 years experience as a physiotherapist graduating from the University of Qld in 1999. Throughout this time she has worked in hospital, private practice and aged care settings and has previously owned her own successful physiotherapy clinic in Taringa, Brisbane. Karlie has extensive experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions and has a special interest in headaches and neck pain, SIJ dysfunction, dry needling and pilates.

Dani West
Dani is our resident Pilates expert and runs our classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday mornings. She brings a wide range of experience to North West Physio Keperra as a fully qualified Pilates instructor and is currently in her final year of study of Bachelor of Physiotherapy at ACU.

Jess Rodrigues
Jess has over 13 years of experience as a massage therapist and has worked throughout Australia and overseas in private clinics, at special events and in 5 star hotels. She is also in her final year of study at ACU to become a fully qualified Physiotherapist. She is currently available for half and full hour massages on Fridays.

Book online or call us on 3198 4444 to make an appointment or to find out more about any of our services.

Find us beside BCF in the Great Western Super Centre at Keperra

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