Strength & Balance Classes

Falls are the leading cause of injury in people over 65 and 1 in 4 older people have a significant fall each year


Strength & Balance classes to keep you moving comfortably and safely

At North West Physiotherapy Keperra we now offer Physiotherapist led Strength and Balance classes that incorporate the following:

  • Weights and resistance exercises to strengthen the muscles throughout your body including your core muscles, as well as to improve your bone health. This will improve your balance and co-ordination, while also improving your appearance by toning your arm and leg muscles.
  • Balance exercises tailored according to your individual abilities. The balance exercises will be progressed to become more challenging as you improve, including multitasking, combining arms and leg movements, verbal tasks or head turns.
  • Posture and strength improvement which helps your postural symmetry, joint dynamics, muscular balance and neuromuscular stability.
  • Brain training is incorporated to exercise the brain as well as the body to further improve your balance and co-ordination.
  • Functional training to prevent dangerous and debilitating falls.

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Maximum of 5 people per class.
Each class runs for 1 hour.
Exercises are tailored to you depending on your needs.
Suitable for males and females of all mobility levels.

Monday – 10:30am & 4:15pm
Tuesday – 11:15am

Initial one-on-one assessment (if required) – $85

Class – $30 per person.

Health fund rebates applicable.